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The Creative Block at The Black Box
17 December 2012

For 8 years the Creative Block has promoted the work of established and new artists alike, using innovative creative challenge and marketing technique to create an award winning and very sustainable project.

They supply the artist with an 18cm x 18cm blank block to transform in any medium they wish. The result is a wide selection of quality artworks in a variety of styles, catering to a range of tastes. This, combined with a reasonable price tag of R1200 each, ensures artists reach a much larger audience than than they ordinarily would.

Featured in numerous local and international collections, the Creative Block also functions as a gateway between creative realms - the artist and that of the art collector. Through the Creative Block the two worlds are connected, providing artists with a constant source of due acknowledgement and collectors with an accessible means to acquiring one-off quality works of art.

A carefully-picked selection of paintings from this project will be on show at The Black Box till 26 December 2012.