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A custom made motorbike and paintings by Brazilian artist.
02 July 2013

The Black Box gallery continues to explore the weird and wonderful with an exhibition of paintings by Brazilian artist Doce and a motorbike built from scratch in his free time by journalist Henri Du Plessis. The exhibition opens on Monday 1 July and concludes Wednesday 26 July 2013.

Doce came to South Africa from Brazil a year ago. In Brazil she is a well-known street artist, so being in an environment where she is unknown and unfamiliar with the system provided the perfect opportunity to explore the more traditional pastime of painting on canvas. The result is paintings rich in colour and rainforest imagery a refreshing change from current South African expressions.

Henri du Plessis works as the motoring writer for the Cape Argus and has been building a motorbike in his spare time during the last three years.

"The hand-made custom motorcycle Moodswing is an old school chopper with modern technology. The idea was to delve into the history of custom-made motorcycles as far as the bike's chassis is concerned, but to recognise the advantages of modern convenience and efficiency with a fully computerised fuel injection system. The bike is made to have a so-called rat look, the appearance of wear and age of an old idea, but also the shiny parts of the new. It is therefore a combination of two opposites made to fit together and work together in one package" - Henri Du Plessis.

So, is it art? Art is subjective and means something different to every single person on earth, which provides a very good reason to come and see this exhibition.