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Nothing new by Grant Jurius
04 June 2013

While the international art world has been congregating in Italy for the 5th Venice Art Biennale, which this year features a healthy number of South African artists, the young Turks of the South African art scene are jumping at the opportunity to show what they can do. One such artist, and in our opinion one to watch for the future, is Grant Jurius.

His first solo exhibition has just opened at The Black Box gallery on 3 June 2013 and was an instant hit. For the exhibition he created a body of work consisting of paintings on board, graffiti on the walls of the gallery space, as well as paste-up's that will have to be removed when the show closes 28 June.

Known in street art circles for his paste work and his activist interventions with an outfit called Burning Museum, Jurius has gained recognition and appreciation for his hard hitting images seen on walls in and around Cape Town in recent years.

"Where the media fails us, the walls help" he says. "Walls provide a far more accurate reflection of our reality. There are billboards, newspaper boards and more, which are also relevant, but not more so than our expressions. People often say "If these walls could talk". Well they do. All you have to do is look."

The truth is that not everybody gets to see these public art expressions because not everybody travels by train or pass through the same neighbourhoods where Jurius has been leaving his imagery. It is for that reason that he is excited to be showing his work as paintings in a more traditional art exhibition. "Obviously there is room for that channel of expression too and I look forward to reaching a new audience with my work".

This is the real thing, so don't miss it.

Title of show: Nothing new
Venue: The Black Box Gallery, 52 Church Street, Cape Town Dates: 3 28 June 2013
Hours: Monday to Friday 10am 5pm and Saturday 10am -1pm. Closed on Sundays.