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Art for Action
13 May 2013

The Art for Action Community Gallery:
Please join us and celebrate the Yabonga community on May 18th at The Black Box gallery in Cape Town.

Art for Action is about the power of creative expression.

This project began when disposable cameras were given to twenty Yabonga youth at the Luvuyo center. A photography workshop was conducted by documentary photographer, Nikki Rixon, where the youth learned about composition and various aspects of this art form. The youth, ranging in ages 14-20, were then asked to take photos depicting various aspects of their lives and the perceptions that they hold of their surroundings.

Yabonga is an organization for women and children infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. That being said, all of the photos displayed in the gallery were taken by youth who are affected by the virus in some manner. By allowing underprivileged youth to express themselves through photography a greater understanding of the communities in which they live, the schools that they attend and the quality of their lives will be gained.

The goal behind this exhibition is to create a sense of pride in the children and to foster positive ways of expressing themselves.