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Doce Freire

Doce Freire (b.1988)

Growing up in Natal, in the North-East of Brazil, Doce fell in love with graffiti when she was 16 years old and has since then been painting in the streets of all the major cities of Brazil.

She started off focusing on realism, but over the last few years has developed her own unique style; combining faces or features she finds interesting or unique with elaborations on that from her own fantasy using with the colours she sees every day and loves.

Her recent move to South Africa gave a further impulse to the development of this style through her fascination with nature, wildlife and cultural diversity of this country. Recently, she has started to focus more on painting on canvas rather than walls. But staying true to her art, her paintings are a mix of spray paints and acrylic paint, using graffiti techniques.

She has participated in various graffiti and street art events in the major cities of Brazil and has organised several social projects and events, some of them in collaboration with local government.

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