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Papytsho Mafolo

Papytsho Mafolo was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1977.

He spends his time working in the DRC, Spain and South Africa and regularly shows his work in these countries.

His style of painting is characterised by thick sculptured paint application that creates expressive images often accompanied by the use of passionate and warm colour combinations. Though very African in look and feel, his work is never “typically” African.


Bachelor of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Kinshasa, 1991-1996.
Graduate Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Kinshasa, 1999-2001.


2003 Salon Jua Cali, Hall of Gombe, French Cultural Centre, Kinshasa, DRC
2005 Symphonie des Arts, Kinshasa, DRC
2007 Centre Paulo Freire, Vitoria Gasteiz , Spain
2009 Symphony des Arts , Kinshasa, DRC
2011 Centre El Pilar, Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain
2013 The Black Box, Cape Town, South Africa


1995 1st Prize, Africa Painting, mode 0-18, South Africa
1997 1st Prize, Reve du futur, Rotary Club, Binza, Kinshasa, DRC
1998 2nd Prize, Chevron, reunification of the DRC, Kinshasa
1999 1st Prize, XVIII International Painting Prize, Le Chiffre one Universal Language
Center UNESCO, Troyes, France
2000 1st Prize, X Prize for Illustration, Rotary Club, Kinshasa, DRC
2002 Prize Fight AIDS, Boboto Center, Kinshasa, DRC
2003 Award, Hall Jua Cali, Kinshasa, DRC
2004 1st Prize Competition Shell, Kinshasa, DRC


UNESCO Collection
France Rotary Club Collection, Kinshasa
Shell Collection, Kinshasa
King of Jordan Collection
Presidential Collection DRC

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